Marketing’s paradigm shift: content over ads

Marketing’s paradigm shift: content over ads

Share your story and attract your tribe

Imagine, you’ve changed jobs and moved to a new town - you don’t know anyone at all. What would be the first logical move? Commission a paid “out of home” campaign and hang posters all over the city, letting people know you are searching for new friends? You’d probably rather prefer to conveniently tell your story by the coffee machine in the new office or just bump into like-minded folks during your daily routine (in a cafe, gym, or in a bar, etc).

Ideally, the right people just flock in automatically. At some point, you’d host a party and invite those people, and with some of them, you’d become friends for life.

Starting from scratch

What's this analogy for? When startups are being formed, or solopreneurs decide to start offering their services, their first logical move is... to tell their story! Starting a website, a blog, regularly posting on LinkedIn and Twitter, launching a podcast interviewing relevant stakeholders and potential customers, creating video tutorials, and so on. Gone are the days when paid marketing budgets have been allocated from day one to generate leads. Companies and freelancers prefer to start by explaining what they are doing and showcasing their products and services.

Content works

No surprise, content marketing is booming. It’s more relevant than ever for companies of all sizes that are trying to get ahead of the competition and improve their top-of-the-funnel and even sales.

And the numbers are in: it’s 62% less expensive and generates 3x more leads than traditional paid marketing, so no wonder organic communication becomes a must-have to engage with target audiences.

Easier said than done

Despite advances in creation tools and Generative AI, the marketing stack still looks like a duct-taped mess. if you ask founders and marketers, they would all confirm that it is not only incredibly hard to hire a good content marketing person but that the whole content creation, coordination, and tracking process is broken:

  • Producing original content, adapting it for all relevant channels, and engaging with the right audience is still very manual
  • The current process requires too many steps and tools
  • Ultimately it is very hard to measure the impact of numerous content marketing activities and allocate resources wisely to optimize for the best outcome (number of leads, sales, etc.)

All of the above causes inefficient workflows, frustration, and even burnout. This is why we've decided to build ContentRadar.

ContentRadar is a "go-to" tool every content marketing manager on the planet will enjoy

More content than ever before is being created in an increasingly competitive and fragmented mix of platforms, tools, and media types, making this space full of legacy players ready for disruption. The race for attention is only going to become more competitive. The time has come for an AI-powered enjoyable workspace for content marketing that makes it quantifiable, replaces clunky workflows, and boosts the efficiency of creation, distribution, and collaboration by 10x.

Focus on the story you want to tell as a company. We will do the rest.  

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