Our vision

Our vision

Times have changed - content marketing is king

With 73% of B2B and 70% of B2C companies embracing content marketing*, it is evident that the marketing industry has undergone a significant shift. Content has become king, yet many companies continue to navigate this realm with outdated and disjointed processes, relying on a patchwork of tools that fail to integrate seamlessly. Times have changed, but marketing tools have not kept pace with the evolving landscape.

Coordinating between all the tools and within teams gets harder as businesses grow.

While Product Designers leverage advanced platforms like Figma and Sales teams opt for efficient solutions like Salesforce, marketing professionals often find themselves stuck with options that do not quite fulfill modern software requirements. Established players such as HubSpot and Mailchimp, with annual recurring revenues of $469.7M and $700M respectively, have been around for over 17 years but may no longer meet the needs of startup founders and modern marketers seeking sleek, collaborative and intuitive software, that supercharges their workflows, making them and their growing teams more productive.

Consumerization of tech: software landscape is changing as well

Newer, minimalist solutions like Notion and Airtable keep gaining traction, capitalizing on the growing consumerization of technology. These platforms boast impressive annual recurring revenues of $67M and $142M respectively as well. Marketing teams are trying to replicate onto these tools their conventional campaign calendars from Excel on Notion and, on the side, using tools like Canva for visual content creation. Occasionally, coordination is handled through platforms like Workday as well.

Nevertheless, there remains a significant gap in the market—a lack of dedicated workspaces specifically designed for marketing teams, akin to those available for product development or sales. As a result, most marketing teams continue to struggle with manual tasks, juggling Excel sheets and leaving little time for meaningful customer interactions. This is the paradigm that we aim to disrupt.

Building an intuitive marketing machine

Our vision is to build an intuitive marketing machine perfectly tailored to your workflows and business needs. A unified workspace that seamlessly guides you from ideation to creation, orchestration, and optimization, powered by smart insights that can be acted upon with a few clicks, bringing together your team, including external collaborators such as agencies and freelancers, resulting in workflows that are sleek, modern, and effortless. We strive to streamline your Marketing processes by creating a proactive and intuitive platform that accelerates content Marketing setup from hours to mere seconds.

Visualisation of one of the functionalities of the intuitive marketing machine that we are building.

And here's the best part: the more you use ContentRadar, the better it becomes. Our solution provides you with bespoke, ready-made content campaigns that require only minor tweaks before being scheduled for publication. It's like having a competent Marketing Assistant and Analyst who prepares everything for you, leaving you with just minor reviews and edits before hitting 'Publish'.

In an era where groceries arrive at our doorstep in 15 minutes, your cab is available at the click of a button, and potential romantic partners are just a few swipes away, we believe it is time that Marketing teams can enjoy the same simplicity. Creating content campaigns that generate a predictable amount of leads should be as easy as setting up a new iPhone—with three clicks everything is synched, up and running!

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*source: content marketing institute



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